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As a doctor, if someone comes to me complaining of a severe headache, I would be a very poor doctor if I simply gave him aspirin, without looking at the real cause of this headache, such as a migraine, tension, brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Compare this to our foreign policy and the ills of our country become all too clear. However, nobody dares talk about the clarity of our mistakes because of fear and intimidation by our government. I am not easily intimidated and my fear is reserved solely for God.

Over the past 20 years I have met many of you through my political activities at the local, state, national and international levels. Throughout this time I have tried to globally introduce resolutions that will end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict peacefully and bring an equitable solution for all. Peace is something that our country has been unable to capture and the future could bring a resolution to this plight. This is what I have dedicated my life to, as you will see.


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This Is Dr. Said’s Belief & Philosophy & This Is His Wish For His Patients

For A Happy Healthy New Year! (Originally written and printed in 1987)

1. Thou shall believe in God, the Day of Judgment, the Angels, the Messengers. To spend of your substance out of Love for Him. To be steadfast in prayer. To practice regular charity. To fulfill your promise and carry out your Trusts and Covenants. To respect the sanctity of Human Life from the time of conception. To be firm and patient in time of pain and suffering, in time of adversity and through out all periods of panic.

2. Thou shall keep strong family ties–help in time of need so that they can help you. Try to stick with your husband or wife, especially if you have children, even if you think you are not in love any more. Don’t mistake physical attraction for love and make it an excuse to do all sorts of things. More important is the companionship, the commitment, the respect and care. Remember you may dislike something which is good for you and you may like something which is bad for you.

3. Thou shall not have perfect expectation of your Doctor, who is only an instrument in the hand of Thy Lord— but not God himself.

4. Thou shall sleep early and wake up early, keep ideal body weight, eat a diet high in fiber, low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and refined sugar. Remember, there is no container worse to overfill than your stomach, and too much food will cloud the Mind and depress the Spirit.

5. Thou shall keep in good physical and mental condition. Physically by doing regular exercise. 30 minutes minimum three times a week, being active at home and at your local community service. Mentally by being relaxed with more laughter and jokes – by learning to appreciate things you still have and not focusing on things you already lost. To have less anxiety by reading one book a month – by listening to soft, classical or romantic music – by watching less TV – and having less faith in the news media.

6. Thou shall avoid the “Sex Epidemic” with its more than 16 sexually transmitted diseases, by following prophylactic measures among them the straight and traditional sex life with only your own mate or practice chastity.

7. Thou shall avoid the “Lawsuit Epidemic” with its severe effect of impatience. mistrust and litigation, by believing more in arbitration. reconciliation and forgiveness.

8. Thou shall not take or inhale toxic substance such as street drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Alcohol is the Mother of most evils in our society.

9. Thou shall have periodic chest x-rays. self examination of bowel movements for hidden blood. Periodic blood pressure and eye examinations, immunizations, and TB test. For Women: Self breast examination every Sunday, Pap smear and Mammogram. For Men: Self testes examination, periodic prostate check up.

10. Thou shall be frank and honest in communications with your Doctor. Tell him if you have been seeing another Doctor, if you are taking medication on your own and ask him about the side effect of medication you are taking—and finally show your appreciation, if you are satisfied with his services. Talk to him or to his office if you are dissatisfied with either his services or fees.

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Originally written and printed in 1987

Dr. Said from America

Call to help people in Aleppo, Syria
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Dr. Said from America

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